Are Your Leads Falling

Through The Cracks?

Lead Nurturing helps companies

generate 50% more sales-ready leads.

Nurtured leads make 47% larger

purchases than non-nurtured leads

65% of businesses say generating traffic and leads

is their biggest marketing challenge.


Generate More Leads

Capture leads more effectively through multiple sources using sales funnel automation


Sell With Less Resistance

Find out how our strategy can easily set things up for you all in one marketing system


Increase sales and Cashflow

See how you can leverage your lead capture and nurture system so you can monetize any list

Boost Lead Conversion in 12 Steps.

I show business owners and marketers, who find it difficult to capture and convert leads into buying customers, how an amazing lead capture system that allows business owners to sell with less resistance and increase cashflow is the key to effectively capture and convert leads into buying customers. This is only attainable through our 12 Step Cash Flow system.

Discover How Your Business Can:

Get more leads from multiple sources


Significantly increase cashflow

Attention Desperate Marketers and Business Owners!

Does this sound like you?

  • You struggle with the thought that "only the big companies get to capture all the leads and increase sales".

  • And right now you believe getting leads, nurturing them and converting them into buying customers is close to impossible due to tough competition.

  • You're a business owner who wants to be able to capture and nurture leads more effectively and sell without resistance.

  • You're someone who really wants to find a lead generation and sales automation system that actually works but can't get more leads and sell with less resistance.

In short, you're a desperate business owner who eagerly wants results... and you want them now!

By the way, my name is Jacques Skuteeki and as a Business Innovation Strategist, I Empower Business Owners just like you generate and capture leads inviting them to your "Customer Journey" Building Trust, Like and Understanding in your Business Solution without lifting a finger (no experience required!) with our 12 Step Cash Flow concept!

Imagine for a moment what life would be like if you could:

  • Generate more leads, and capture them with lead capture and sales funnel pages

  • Now nurture them, to build trust, like and understanding in your business

  • Now by educating your leads on their pain points, you shorten the sales cycle

  • Now is the right time to extend your offer and Sell With Less Resistance...

  • Now is the right time to extend your offer and Sell With Less Resistance...

  • Stop tinkering with all the tech stuff and get more time to close more deals...

Would that get you excited?

Well, now you don't have to imagine!

I'd like to introduce you to "12 Step Cashflow"

are your leads falling through the cracks?

  • "12 Step Cashflow" is the all in one digital marketing platform designed to capture leads, nurture them and help you sell with less resistance.

  • Bottom Line: "12 Step Cashflow" is the easiest, and fastest way to shorten the customer journey and generate new cash flow using automation.

Unveiling the Journey!

Behind "12 StepCashFlow"

and How it will Empower your Business

Discover the genesis of the 12 Step Cashflow Marketing System! Watch the video to unveil the pivotal ideas that inspired Your Business Nation's developers to create an all-in-one marketing solution. Learn how it revolutionizes lead capture, sales processes, and boosts cash flow for any online business. Don't miss this enlightening insight!

But, you need to act on this now, because if you don't, business owners need to pay a fortune to get an effective lead capture and sales system to work for them.

This Call is your opportunity to:

-> Brainstorm about your current business challenges...

-> Discuss new ways to capture targeted leads with less resistance...

-> Learn to implement new habits to shorten your customer journey...

"12 Step Cashflow" holds the key to your success with sales funnel and pipeline automation.

Best of all?... You'll start seeing results with "12 Step Cashflow" in less than a couple of weeks and it costs less than having a fancy dinner.

We Do All The Heavy Lifting For You

My team and I are dedicated to empowering

"Your Business" through a comprehensive range of solutions. Allow us to highlight some key ways we can drive your business towards its objectives.


Top to Bottom Automation

Experience unparalleled success with "Top to Bottom Digital Marketing Automation." Streamline your marketing process from start to finish, driving exceptional results. Elevate your business with our enticing, professional, and comprehensive automation service.


Google Business Profile

Enhance your business with our "Google Business Profile Setup" service. Stand out, attract leads, and boost engagement. Maximize your online impact today. We bet you never knew that this can be automated, and something that is set up in a snap!


Business Financing

Discover a business financing service that's designed to help you fund your dreams with ease.
Fund your dreams effortlessly: interest-free financing for 12-20 months, risk-free application, no credit score impact. Get up to $250K! Empower your business now; seize opportunities ahead!


Expert Marketing Automation Support

Unlock the power of digital marketing automation with ease! Our efficient support team sets it up for you. Just provide vital business info, and we'll handle the rest. Streamline campaigns effortlessly, boost productivity, and elevate your business. Experience seamless automation today!


Your Own Unique Affiliate Program

Who says only the big guns run affiliate programs? YBN can make it possible for you to issue your own affiliate program links to your affiliates. People who want to promote your products to their own target audience. Sit down with Jacques to get your very own affiliate program going with lightning speed.


Unparalleled Digital Marketing Insights

With Jacques by your side, conquer every step of the journey! From sales funnels to digital marketing automation, he'll guide you to effective strategies. Capture more leads, sell effortlessly, and boost your business's cash flow. Elevate your success with 12 Step Cashflow by Your Business Nation today!


If you want to be able to capture and nurture leads more effectively and sell without resistance...

Get Onboard With 12 Step Cashflow Now!

  • ... Act Now ...

Because Leads Do Fall Through the Cracks

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to customize anything myself inside the 12SCF system?

No. You do not have to lift a finger! You simply need to answer some questions and upload your Branding. Our team will build everything for you. Leave all the technical jargon and neck-breaking work in digital marketing to us.

FAQ image

How much work do we need to do?

No. You do not have to lift a finger! You simply need to answer some questions and upload your Branding. Our team will build everything for you. Leave all the technical jargon and neck-breaking work in digital marketing to us.

FAQ image

Do I have to lock myself into long-term agreements with 12SCF?

No. We do not hold any projects hostage like other digital marketing support businesses. You simply choose any of our powerful packages and use it however length of time you choose. No strings attached!

FAQ image

What does onboarding process mean?

This is the first step when we look at all of your marketing materials, brainstorm about your specific customer journey. This gets us ready to create a customized digital marketing strategy.

FAQ image

How do you implement 12SCF system for my business

We created the strategy that includes, lead capture, pipelines and sales funnels including all of the digital marketing tools from emails, texting, voice drops and strategic video content.

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